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Eberle BioDiesel offers free, barter, car washes or Biodiesel for grease collection.


Waste cooking oil collection:

We pick up and recycle waste cooking oil from restaurants. We are fully licensed carriers in the state of Texas. We carefully collect and transport the waste cooking oil from the local restaurants.


Waste cooking oil collection bins:

We offer many various sizes from 55 gallons to 1000 gallon container.


Bio Deisel:

Eberle Biodiesel is a non-petroleum based Diesel fuel, which is made from animal fats or vegetable oil, such as soy, or corn, Bio Diesel is made from waste vegetable from restaurants. Process of the Oil Recycling to Bio Diesel is a trans esterification of animal fats and vegetable oils which turn into myth esters. This renewable, clean burning bio diesel reduces vehicle emissions by 80%, compared to petro diesel.

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